How to Watch Eagles Game

Hey there, Eagles fans! Are you ready to watch your favorite team take on their opponents? If you’re not sure how to watch Eagles games, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will guide you through the different platforms you can use to catch every game of the season.

Cable TV

The traditional way to watch Eagles games is through cable TV. You can subscribe to channels like NBC, Fox, ESPN, and CBS that broadcast NFL games. You may also choose a package that includes the NFL Network and RedZone, which often features Eagles games. However, cable TV subscriptions can be pricey and may require you to sign a long-term contract.

Streaming Services

Another way to watch Eagles games is through streaming services. Platforms like Hulu Live, Sling TV, and YouTube TV offer live stream options for NFL games. You can also access the NFL Network and RedZone through these services. The advantage of streaming services is that they are usually more affordable than cable TV and do not require a contract.

NFL Game Pass

If you want to have access to every Eagles game, even if you missed it, NFL Game Pass is your best bet. With NFL Game Pass, you can watch every game of the season and even access past games. You can also enjoy features like condensed games, all-22 coaches film, and NFL shows. However, it does come with a price, and local games may be subject to a blackout.

Local Channels

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Philadelphia area, you can watch Eagles games for free on local channels like NBC 10 and CBS 3. You can also use an antenna to access these channels if you’re outside the city. However, this option only applies to local games, and you won’t be able to watch every game of the season.

International Options

For Eagles fans outside the US, there are also international options to watch games. NFL Game Pass International offers live streaming of every game, including the playoffs and Super Bowl. You can also enjoy features like live and on-demand games, and NFL Network and RedZone. However, the price varies depending on your location.

Tips for Watching Eagles Games

1. Check the schedule ahead of time and plan accordingly.2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection if you choose to stream games.3. Consider subscribing to NFL Game Pass if you want to access every game of the season.4. Join Eagles fan groups or forums to get live updates and interact with other fans.5. If you’re watching the game at home, prepare snacks and drinks to enjoy the game more.


In conclusion, there are many options for you to watch Eagles games, whether you prefer traditional cable TV or streaming services. You can also use NFL Game Pass to access every game of the season. Remember to prepare ahead of time and check the schedule to make sure you don’t miss a game. We hope you found this article helpful, and we’ll see you in the next one!Until next time!