How to Rest Sons of the Forest

Hello there, dear reader! If you are looking for a peaceful way to spend your time in nature, you might have heard about Sons of the Forest. It is a game that allows you to explore the wilderness and build your own shelter while fighting against dangers lurking in the woods. However, sometimes you might feel overwhelmed and need a break from all the action. In this article, we will guide you on how to rest in Sons of the Forest.

1. Find a Safe Spot

First and foremost, you need to find a safe spot to rest. Look for an area that is not too close to enemy territory or hazards such as cliffs or waterfalls. Make sure you have enough space to lay down and that there are no obstacles around you.

2. Set up a Campfire

Once you have found a suitable spot, set up a campfire. This will not only provide warmth but also light and a sense of security. You can gather sticks and logs from the surrounding area or use a survival guide to learn how to make a fire.

3. Cook Some Food

If you have some raw meat or fish in your inventory, cook it over the fire. This will not only satisfy your hunger but also boost your health and energy levels. If you do not have any food, you can try to hunt or fish in the nearby area.

4. Drink Some Water

Staying hydrated is crucial in Sons of the Forest. Make sure you have enough water in your canteen or use a water filter to purify the water from rivers or lakes. Drinking water will replenish your stamina and prevent dehydration.

5. Sleep in a Shelter

To fully rest in Sons of the Forest, you need to sleep in a shelter. You can either build your own shelter using resources such as logs, rocks, and leaves or find a pre-built one in the wilderness. Sleeping will not only save your progress but also heal your injuries and restore your energy.

6. Listen to Nature

While resting in Sons of the Forest, take the time to listen to the sounds of nature. You might hear birds singing, leaves rustling, or animals roaming around. Appreciating the beauty of the wilderness will help you relax and recharge.

7. Meditate

If you want to go even deeper in your rest, you can try meditating. Sit cross-legged in front of your campfire, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Let go of any thoughts or worries and simply be present in the moment. This will calm your mind and reduce stress.

8. Play an Instrument

Another way to unwind in Sons of the Forest is to play an instrument. You can craft a guitar, a drum, or a flute and use it to create music in the wilderness. This will not only soothe your soul but also attract friendly animals to your camp.

9. Read a Book

If you have a book in your inventory, you can read it while resting in Sons of the Forest. This will not only entertain you but also increase your intelligence and mood. You can also find books scattered around the map and add them to your collection.

10. Draw or Write

If you are feeling creative, you can draw or write while resting in Sons of the Forest. You can use charcoal or berries to draw on rocks or wood or use a notebook to write down your thoughts or adventures. Expressing yourself will help you process your emotions and ideas.

TIPS: Take Care of Your Needs

To rest effectively in Sons of the Forest, you need to take care of your needs. This means checking your inventory regularly, eating and drinking enough, and avoiding dangerous situations. You can also upgrade your skills and equipment to make your rest more comfortable and secure.


In conclusion, resting in Sons of the Forest is essential for your survival and well-being. By finding a safe spot, setting up a campfire, cooking some food, drinking some water, sleeping in a shelter, listening to nature, meditating, playing an instrument, reading a book, or drawing and writing, you can recharge your batteries and enjoy the wilderness. Remember to take care of your needs and have fun exploring! Thank you for reading, and see you in the next article.