How to React to Messages on Instagram

Hey there, fellow Instagrammer! We all know how exciting it feels when we receive a message on our Instagram account, especially if it’s from someone we know or admire. But, how do you react to messages on Instagram? In this article, we will share some tips and tricks on how to react to messages on Instagram like a pro.

1. Respond within 24 hours

The first and foremost rule of reacting to messages on Instagram is to respond within 24 hours. Whether it’s a direct message or a comment, make sure you acknowledge and respond to them in a timely manner. This shows that you value your followers and are interested in what they have to say.

2. Be personal and genuine

When responding to messages on Instagram, be personal and genuine. Avoid using generic responses like “thanks for reaching out” or “nice to hear from you.” Instead, use their name and respond in a way that shows you have read and understood their message.

3. Use emojis

Emojis add life and personality to your messages. Use them when responding to messages on Instagram to add a touch of humor or to express your emotions.

4. Keep it short and sweet

Instagram messages have a character limit, so keep your responses short and sweet. Avoid writing long paragraphs, as it may overwhelm or bore the recipient.

5. Use voice notes

If you don’t have time to type out a response or want to add a personal touch, use Instagram’s voice note feature. This feature allows you to record a message and send it as a direct message. It’s a great way to show your followers that you appreciate them and are willing to take the time to respond to their messages.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation with your followers. It shows that you’re interested in their opinions, thoughts, and experiences. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions when responding to messages on Instagram.

7. Keep it professional

If you’re using your Instagram account for business purposes, it’s important to keep your responses professional. Avoid using slang, abbreviations, or offensive language. Keep your responses polite and respectful.

8. Be mindful of your tone

The tone of your response can make or break a conversation. Make sure that your tone is appropriate for the situation. Avoid being too formal or too casual. Instead, find a balance that works for you and your followers.

9. Use Instagram’s quick replies

If you find yourself responding to similar messages repeatedly, use Instagram’s quick replies feature. This feature allows you to create canned responses that you can use to respond to messages quickly and efficiently.

10. Respond to negative comments in a positive way

Negative comments can be tough to deal with, but it’s important to respond to them in a positive way. Acknowledge their concerns and try to find a solution to their problem. Avoid getting defensive or aggressive, as this can escalate the situation.

11. Don’t ignore messages

Ignoring messages can leave a bad impression on your followers. So, make sure that you respond to all messages, even if it’s just a quick “thank you.”

12. Avoid spamming

Sending multiple messages to someone can be annoying and come across as spammy. So, avoid spamming your followers with multiple messages.

13. Use Instagram’s message request feature

If you receive messages from someone you don’t know or don’t want to talk to, use Instagram’s message request feature. This feature allows you to accept or decline messages from people you don’t follow.

14. Keep it on topic

When responding to messages on Instagram, make sure that you keep it on topic. Avoid going off on tangents or discussing unrelated topics.

15. Use Instagram’s tagging feature

If you’re responding to a comment or message that mentions someone else, use Instagram’s tagging feature. This feature allows you to tag other users in your response, which can help to start a conversation and increase engagement.

16. Respond to positive comments too

Don’t just respond to negative comments or messages. Make sure that you respond to positive comments too. This can help to build a stronger relationship with your followers.

17. Use Instagram’s GIF feature

GIFs are a fun way to add personality to your responses. Use Instagram’s GIF feature to add some humor or to express your emotions.

18. Don’t forget to proofread

Before sending a message, make sure that you proofread it for grammar and spelling errors. Mistakes can make you look unprofessional and careless.

19. Avoid using auto-responses

Auto-responses can be helpful, but they can also come across as impersonal and robotic. So, avoid using auto-responses unless it’s absolutely necessary.

20. Practice makes perfect

Finally, remember that practice makes perfect. The more you respond to messages on Instagram, the easier it will become. So, keep responding and engaging with your followers to improve your skills.


– Respond within 24 hours- Be personal and genuine- Use emojis- Keep it short and sweet- Use voice notes- Don’t be afraid to ask questions- Keep it professional- Be mindful of your tone- Use Instagram’s quick replies- Respond to negative comments in a positive way- Don’t ignore messages- Avoid spamming- Use Instagram’s message request feature- Keep it on topic- Use Instagram’s tagging feature- Respond to positive comments too- Use Instagram’s GIF feature- Don’t forget to proofread- Avoid using auto-responses- Practice makes perfectThat’s it! We hope these tips and tricks will help you react to messages on Instagram like a pro. Remember to stay personal, genuine, and professional, and always respond in a timely manner. Happy Instagramming!Until next time, see you in our next exciting article.