How to Make Roman Shades: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey there, fellow DIY enthusiasts! Do you want to add a touch of elegance to your windows without breaking the bank? Look no further than Roman shades! These versatile window treatments are not only stylish but also functional. They can help filter out unwanted sunlight and provide privacy when needed. In this article, we will show you how to make Roman shades in a few easy steps. But before we get started, let’s go over some of the materials and tools you will need.

Materials and Tools You Will Need

– Fabric of your choice – Lining fabric – Fusible interfacing – Roman shade cord – Roman shade rings – Roman shade tape – Wooden dowels – Screw eyes – Cleat – Sewing machine – Iron and ironing board – Measuring tape – Scissors – Pins – Hand needle – Thread

Step 1: Measure Your Window

Before you start, measure the width and length of your window. Add a few inches to the width and length to make sure the shade covers the entire window.

Step 2: Cut Your Fabric

Cut your fabric and lining to the measurements you took in step one. You will need two pieces of fabric and two pieces of lining.

Step 3: Apply Fusible Interfacing

Apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. This will help the fabric hold its shape and prevent it from fraying.

Step 4: Hem the Fabric

Fold over the sides and bottom of the fabric by 1 inch and pin them in place. Sew a straight stitch along the edges.

Step 5: Sew the Fabric and Lining Together

Place the fabric and lining right sides together and pin them in place. Sew around the perimeter, leaving a small opening at the bottom. Turn the shade right side out through the opening.

Step 6: Insert the Wooden Dowels

Cut the wooden dowels to the width of the shade. Insert them into the pockets formed by the horizontal seams on the back of the shade.

Step 7: Install the Screw Eyes

Install screw eyes on the back of the top wooden dowel. Make sure they are evenly spaced and positioned slightly in from the ends.

Step 8: Attach the Cord

Thread the cord through the rings and attach it to the bottom wooden dowel.

Step 9: Install the Cleat

Install the cleat on the wall next to the shade. This will allow you to secure the cord when the shade is raised.

Step 10: Test the Shade

Test the shade by pulling on the cord to raise and lower it. Make sure it moves smoothly and is even on both sides.


– Use a fabric that complements your decor and provides the desired level of light filtration. – If you want to add more insulation to your windows, use a thicker lining fabric. – Practice caution when using power tools and sharp objects. – Take your time and make sure everything is measured and cut correctly.


Congratulations, you have just learned how to make Roman shades! With a little bit of time and effort, you can create custom window treatments that will enhance the beauty of your home. Remember to choose the right fabric and take your time to make sure everything is measured and cut correctly. By following these steps, you will have beautiful Roman shades that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Happy crafting!Until next time, keep exploring the world of DIY!