How to Find Lost AirPods That Are Offline and Dead

Hey there, fellow AirPods owner! Losing your earbuds is a frustrating experience, but don’t worry – you’re not alone. It’s a common problem, and luckily, there are ways to find your lost AirPods even if they’re offline and dead. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Understanding the Problem

AirPods are wireless earbuds that rely on Bluetooth technology to connect with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. When you lose your AirPods, they can end up in a variety of places – under the couch, in a bag, or even outside. If your AirPods are offline and dead, it means that they’re not connected to any device and their battery is drained.Finding offline and dead AirPods can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Here’s what you need to know.

Use the Find My App

Apple’s Find My app is a useful tool that can help you locate your lost AirPods. The app uses Bluetooth to track the last known location of your AirPods, and it can even play a sound to help you find them. Here’s how to use the Find My app:1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.2. Tap on the Devices tab at the bottom of the screen.3. Find your AirPods on the list and tap on them.4. If your AirPods are nearby, you can play a sound to help you locate them.5. If your AirPods are not nearby, you can check their last known location on a map.The Find My app is a great first step in finding your lost AirPods, but it has its limitations. The app requires your AirPods to be connected to a device and within Bluetooth range to work. If your AirPods are offline and dead, the app won’t be able to locate them.

Use a Third-Party App

If the Find My app doesn’t work, you can try using a third-party app. There are several apps available in the App Store that claim to help you find your lost AirPods, even if they’re offline and dead. One popular app is Find My Headphones & Earbuds, which uses Bluetooth to locate your lost earbuds.Here’s how to use Find My Headphones & Earbuds:1. Download the app from the App Store.2. Open the app and grant it permission to access your location.3. Tap on the Start Scanning button.4. Walk around the area where you think your AirPods might be.5. If the app detects your AirPods, it will show their location on a map.Third-party apps can be hit or miss, so it’s important to read reviews and choose a reputable app. Also, keep in mind that some apps may require a subscription or in-app purchase to unlock all features.

Search Manually

If all else fails, you can try searching for your lost AirPods manually. Start by retracing your steps and checking any places where you might have left your earbuds. Look under couch cushions, in bags, and in pockets. If you lost your AirPods outside, check the area where you last remember having them.When searching for your AirPods, listen for the sound of the earbuds themselves. Even if the battery is dead, the AirPods might make a faint beeping noise that can help you locate them.

Tips to Prevent Losing Your AirPods

Losing your AirPods is frustrating, but there are things you can do to prevent it from happening. Here are a few tips:1. Always put your AirPods back in their case when you’re not using them.2. Keep your AirPods case in a consistent location so you always know where it is.3. Use a case for your AirPods case to make it easier to spot.4. Turn on the Find My app so you can locate your AirPods if they get lost.5. Consider purchasing AirTag, a tracking device that can help you find lost items.


Losing your AirPods can be frustrating, but with the right tools and techniques, you can find them even if they’re offline and dead. Use the Find My app, try a third-party app, and search manually to increase your chances of locating your lost earbuds. And remember, prevention is key – take steps to keep your AirPods safe and secure. Thanks for reading, and until next time!