Elden Ring: How to Use Incantations

Hey there, fellow gamers! Are you one of those who are excited about the upcoming release of Elden Ring? Well, who wouldn’t be? This game has been the talk of the town since it was first announced. And if you’re one of those who are looking to learn more about how to use incantations in Elden Ring, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing all you need to know about incantations and how to use them in the game. So, sit back, relax, and let’s get started!

What are Incantations in Elden Ring?

Before we dive into how to use incantations, let’s first talk about what they are. In Elden Ring, incantations are a type of magic that players can use to cast spells. These spells can range from offensive spells like fireballs to defensive spells like shields. Incantations are different from miracles and pyromancies, which are other types of magic in the game.

How to Use Incantations in Elden Ring

Now that you know what incantations are, let’s move on to how to use them. To use incantations in Elden Ring, players will need to equip them to their quickslots. Quickslots are the slots located at the bottom of the screen that players can use to quickly access their weapons and items. To equip an incantation to a quickslot, players will need to go to their inventory and select the incantation they want to equip. Once they have selected the incantation, they can then assign it to a quickslot.

How to Cast Incantations in Elden Ring

Once players have equipped their incantations to a quickslot, they can then cast them in the game. To cast an incantation, players will need to use their mana. Mana is a type of energy that players can use to cast spells. To use mana, players will need to press the button assigned to the quickslot where their incantation is equipped. Once they press the button, the incantation will be cast and the spell will take effect.

How to Increase Your Incantation Power in Elden Ring

If you want to increase the power of your incantations in Elden Ring, there are a few things you can do. The first thing you can do is to level up your character’s stats. Some stats, like faith and intelligence, will increase the power of your incantations. The second thing you can do is to upgrade your catalyst. A catalyst is an item that players can use to cast spells. Upgrading your catalyst will increase the power of your incantations. Finally, you can also equip rings that will increase your incantation power.

Types of Incantations in Elden Ring

There are different types of incantations in Elden Ring. These include offensive spells, defensive spells, and utility spells. Offensive spells are spells that deal damage to enemies. Defensive spells are spells that provide players with protection from attacks. Utility spells are spells that provide players with other advantages, such as increased movement speed or the ability to see in the dark.

Tips for Using Incantations in Elden Ring

1. Make sure to equip multiple types of incantations to your quickslots. This will allow you to have a variety of spells at your disposal.2. Take advantage of the different types of incantations available in the game. Offensive spells are great for dealing damage to enemies, but defensive spells can help you avoid taking damage.3. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of incantations. You never know what kind of spell might come in handy in a given situation.4. Make sure to upgrade your catalyst and equip rings that will increase your incantation power.5. Always keep an eye on your mana. If you run out of mana, you won’t be able to cast any spells.


In conclusion, incantations are a powerful tool in Elden Ring that can help players overcome even the toughest challenges. By equipping them to your quickslots, casting them with your mana, and upgrading them as much as possible, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of incantations. And with the tips we’ve provided, you’ll be able to use your incantations to their fullest potential. So, get ready to unleash your magical powers and dive into the world of Elden Ring. Until next time, happy gaming!