Destiny 2 How to Get Divinity 2022

Hey there, fellow gamers! Welcome to our latest guide on the highly coveted weapon in Destiny 2, the Divinity. If you’re a Destiny 2 player, you would have heard about this legendary trace rifle that players have been trying to get their hands on since its introduction in the Garden of Salvation raid. In this guide, we’ll take you through the steps to get Divinity in 2022.

What is Divinity?

Divinity is an exotic weapon that fires a continuous beam of void energy and creates a sphere around the enemy. This sphere debuffs the enemy and increases damage from all sources. The weapon is a trace rifle, which means it has an endless stream of bullets that do constant damage as long as it’s held down.

How to Get Divinity in 2022

To get Divinity, you need to complete the Garden of Salvation raid. The Garden of Salvation raid is part of the Shadowkeep expansion and is the only way to get the weapon. It’s a six-person raid that takes place in the Black Garden on the planet of Mars.

Step-by-Step Guide

The following are the steps you need to take to get Divinity in 2022:

Step 1: Find a Raid Group

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a raid group that’s willing to take you through the Garden of Salvation raid. You can find a group on the Destiny 2 app or on LFG websites. Make sure you have a mic and are willing to communicate with your team.

Step 2: Complete the Raid

Once you have a raid group, it’s time to complete the raid. The Garden of Salvation raid has six encounters, and you need to complete them all to get Divinity. Make sure you have a good loadout, and you communicate with your team to coordinate strategies.

Step 3: Complete the Divinity Puzzle

After you’ve completed the final encounter of the raid, you’ll find a hidden path that leads to a secret room where you’ll find the Divinity puzzle. This puzzle is a series of plates that you need to activate in the correct order.

Step 4: Solve the Puzzle

To solve the puzzle, you need to follow a specific pattern. The pattern changes every week, so you’ll need to search for the current pattern online. Once you’ve found the pattern, activate the plates in the right order. You’ll know you’ve done it correctly when you see the message “Garden of Salvation Descent Completed.”

Step 5: Claim Your Reward

After completing the puzzle, you’ll receive Divinity in your inventory. Congratulations, you now have the Divinity exotic weapon!

Tips to Get Divinity

Here are some tips to help you get Divinity in 2022:

Tip 1: Be Patient

Getting Divinity requires completing the Garden of Salvation raid, and that’s not an easy feat. It may take you several attempts to complete the raid and get the weapon. So, be patient and keep trying.

Tip 2: Communication is Key

Communication is essential when completing the raid. Make sure you have a mic and are willing to communicate with your team. Coordinate strategies and work together to complete the raid.

Tip 3: Watch Tutorials

If you’re new to the game or the raid, it’s a good idea to watch tutorials on YouTube. These tutorials can give you a better understanding of the raid mechanics and strategies.

Tip 4: Join a Clan

Joining a clan can be helpful when completing the raid. Clans usually have experienced players who can guide you through the raid and help you get Divinity.

Tip 5: Have a Good Loadout

Make sure you have a good loadout when attempting the raid. The Garden of Salvation raid requires a lot of different weapons and armor, so make sure you have the right gear.

Tip 6: Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect, and that’s especially true in Destiny 2. If you’re struggling to complete the raid or the puzzle, keep practicing. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Tip 7: Don’t Give Up

Getting Divinity requires a lot of time and effort, but don’t give up. Keep trying, and eventually, you’ll get the weapon.


Getting the Divinity exotic weapon in Destiny 2 requires completing the Garden of Salvation raid and solving the Divinity puzzle. It’s not an easy feat, but with patience, communication, and practice, you can get the weapon. Remember to watch tutorials, join a clan, and have a good loadout. And most importantly, don’t give up. Happy raiding, Guardians!Sampai jumpa kembali di artikel menarik berikutnya.